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Meltblown Non Woven Fabric Production Solutions

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EIR Patent

  • American invention patent of EIR
    American invention patent of EIR
  • Europe invention patent of EIR
    A Plastic Floor With A Synchronised Floral Pattern

Domestic Patent

  • PVC Online Hot Stamping Production Line
    Extruder And Its Controller
  • An Extruder And Its Controller
    PVC Uniform Mixing Feeding Device
  • Edge Trimming System With Plastic Extruder
    PVC Printed Film Eir System
  • Six-roller Calendering Equipment For Plastic Flooring
    PVC Hollow Heat Insulation Tile Connecting Structure
  • Automatic Laminating Equipment Of PVC Stone Plastic Flooring Surface Composite Film
    PVC Printed Film Eir System And Its Control Method
  • Twin-screw Extruder Using Involute Splines
    Movable Lamination And Forming Machine Of Multi-layer Plastic Flooring
  • Synchronous Feeding Device For Plastic Floor Automatic Packaging Machine

CE Certification

  • Twin Screw Extruder
    Single Screw Extruder
  • PVC Three-roll Calendar Line
    PVC Four-roll Calender Line
  • PVC Foam Board Production Line

Glories of Company

  • Technology Entrepreneur
    Outstanding Contribution Award
  • International Flooring Exhibition
    High-tech Enterprise